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Baker's Dozen baker

Baker's Dozen 3.0

  • Shareware
  • 15.00$
  • 05-Aug-2010
  • 2.4 MB

Baker's Dozen contains 25 card solitaire games. Game features include the ability to replay the same hand, keep track of your stats (number of games played, number of games won, high score and average score), and zero your stats.

Baker''s Dozen baker

Baker''s Dozen 3.0

  • Shareware
  • 15.00$
  • 05-Aug-2010
  • 2.4 MB

Baker''s Dozen contains 25 card solitaire games including Aces Square, Auld Lang Syne, Black Hole, Block Ten, Carpet, Double Auld Lang Syne, Doublets, Double or Quits, Easy Golf, Five Piles, Fourteen Out, Golf, Monte Carlo, Nestor, Pairs, Pyramid, Pyramid

My Solitaire baker

My Solitaire 5.0

  • Shareware
  • 14.95$
  • 05-Aug-2010
  • 3.7 MB

My Solitaire is World's Top 100 Most Played Solitaire Card Games Collection. All main solitaire games included like Freecell, Klondike, Spider, Baker's Dozen, Canfield, Forty Thieves, Fan, Beleaguered Castle, Sir Tommy, Four Seasons and Yukon.

Solgames 2004 baker

Solgames 2004 11.0

  • Shareware
  • 19.95$
  • 06-Aug-2010
  • 5.4 MB

Solgames 2004 is world's most favorite Solitaire card games collection with 350 different card games with 228 Original games. It includes popular games like Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Forty Thieves, Canfield, Baker's Dozen, Diplomat, Beleaguered Castle

Bakers Game Freecell baker

Bakers Game Freecell 2.0

Baker's Game is renowned as the most difficult Freecell Solitaire variation known to man. It plays similarly to the card game Freecell, but in Bakers Game you must build stacks by suit, NOT by alternating color.

SmallWare Solitaire Free

SmallWare Solitaire Free 2.1.8

Three exciting solitaire games all packed into one free program.

All Solitaire Games

All Solitaire Games 1.00.0386

  • Commercial
  • 19.95$
  • 11-Feb-2009
  • 8.7 MB

All Solitaire Games is an amazing high-quality collection of 966 card games with great documentation, attractive graphics, sound effects and relaxing music.

Creative Solitaire!

Creative Solitaire! v2.1.3

  • Commercial
  • 19.00$
  • 24-Sep-2012
  • 26.0 MB

Creative Solitaire is an exciting collection of more than 1000 solitaire card games.

Shop'NCook Shopping List & Recipe Manager for baker

Shop'NCook Shopping List & Recipe Manager for 3.1

  • Shareware
  • 24.95$
  • 23-Oct-2012
  • 2.4 MB

Shop'NCook combines a grocery list manager with a full-featured recipe organizer. Recipes are easily added by typing them in, pasting from the clipboard or importing directly from the Internet.

Theme Organizer Pro baker

Theme Organizer Pro 1.5

  • Shareware
  • 19.95$
  • 21-Apr-2013
  • 3.0 MB

Manage themes and templates for Wordpress, Joomla, vBulletin, Mambo, phpBB.

Vopium Windows Mobile baker

Vopium Windows Mobile 2.0.0

Amoi N810 ,N8 ,N800 ,6711 Asus M530w ,M536 ,P552w ,P565 ,P750 ,P526 ,P527 ,P320 ,P550 ,P560 ,Lamborghini ZX1 ,nuvifone M20 ,P835 ,M930 ,BenQ E72 ETEN glofiish M800 ,golfiish X800 ,glofiish X500+ ,glofiish X600 ,glofiish X650 ,glofiish X610 ,glofiiish

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