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MB Astrology Planetary Patterns

MB Astrology Planetary Patterns 1.0

MB Astrology Planetary Patterns Software finds the planetary patterns as they are displayed in your astrology natal chart and tells you the influences of the astrological planets considering their planetary patterns or planet positions.

Super Patterns genexus patterns

Super Patterns 1.30

  • Shareware
  • 19.95$
  • 06-Aug-2010
  • 3.5 MB

Super Bubbles! Clear levels by moving bubbles around to match patterns that pop up on the screen. Take too many moves, and you're just another bubble going down the drain! But if you burst those patterns you get to survive for another soapy day.

CalMAN HTPC Pattern Generator genexus patterns

CalMAN HTPC Pattern Generator 1.2

CalMAN HTPC Pattern Generator is a free software application that allows you to generate video test patterns from your PC. While HTPC integrates well with SpectraCal's display calibration application CalMAN, HTPC will also serve as a standalone app

Repper Pro genexus patterns

Repper Pro 1.0.116

  • Shareware
  • 9.95$
  • 06-Jun-2010
  • 2.8 MB

Repper Pro is a design tool that lets you design patterns with ease. Lots of smart features and a clean interface make this an indispensable tool for DIY, graphic design, fashion design or scrap-booking.

DrummaTicks genexus patterns


  • Shareware
  • 18.74$
  • 07-Aug-2010
  • 3.9 MB

DrummaTicks is a drum machine that uses your computer sound card to play drum patterns. You can also think of DrummaTicks as a very advanced metronome. DrummaTicks, like a metronome, is a training and learning tool. It is easy and fun to use.

jDoji genexus patterns

jDoji DEMO

jDoji is a proprietary high performance analytic engine. jDoji is a library of japanese candlestick trading patterns. "jDoji Applet SDK" is optimised for applet integration. jDoji is a fully automated trading pattern recognition framework.

Guitar picking patterns genexus patterns

Guitar picking patterns 9

Guitar picking patterns. Music guitar training game. guitar picking patterns. Music guitar training game. The "beat" or "meter" of a song is determined by its count.

Guitar strum patterns genexus patterns

Guitar strum patterns 9

Guitar strum patterns. Free guitar lessons. Basic right hand technique for strumming. Strumming patterns. Tips on Guitar Accompaniment I'm having problems with my strumming patterns for different songs.


MagicDesktop 1.4

Desktop icons arranged in patterns

PatternExpert genexus patterns

PatternExpert 2.0

PatternExpert is programmer's learning tool (tutorial and source code examples) aimed at people that want to learn more about software patterns.

Circuitscape for Mac OS X

Circuitscape for Mac OS X 3.5.8

Circuitscape is a free, open-source program which borrows algorithms from electronic circuit theory to predict patterns of movement, gene flow, and genetic differentiation among plant and animal populations in heterogeneous landscapes.

Spicy Crystal Clock ScreenSaver genexus patterns

Spicy Crystal Clock ScreenSaver 1.5

7art Spicy Crystal Clock Screensaver extends line of the 7art magical clock series. It brings you 7 different clock faces with tender colourful patterns specially designed to increase the seratonin production to help us to be in good spirits.

12Ghosts Replace

12Ghosts Replace 7.10

  • Shareware
  • 29.95$
  • 06-Aug-2010
  • 1.5 MB

Automatically search for and replace text in an entire directory of HTML pages. Use different file patterns to search for file types. Search case sensitive or 'match whole words only' to narrow your search. Search for bytes or special characters like

1stCalendar genexus patterns

1stCalendar 1.21

The program features notes and reminders. It blends the calendar with your desktop paper. You can write down your diary, ideas in it. There are options for customize the calendar fonts and colors.Recurrence patterns are available for reminders. When a

42 Tai Chi  Screensaver genexus patterns

42 Tai Chi Screensaver 2.1

  • Shareware
  • 29.95$
  • 05-Aug-2010
  • 85.8 MB

The most beautiful video screensaver.The real chinese Tai Chi screensaver.You can enjoy and learn real chinese kungfu.Tai Chi chuan (Tai qi) consists of various styles, forms and patterns. The focus of this form is health, balance and strength.

Adrift Screensaver genexus patterns

Adrift Screensaver 2.3

Adrift draws floating lines across the screen, creating beautiful patterns with pulsating colors.

Advance Stock Pattern Scanner genexus patterns

Advance Stock Pattern Scanner 2.0

  • Shareware
  • 12.00$
  • 05-Aug-2010
  • 12.6 MB

Professsional stock analysis/screening software for Free or only $12/month. Supported analysis include: Trend Breaking, Chart Patterns, Gartley 222, Candlestick Patterns, Technical Systems using Indicators, Fundamental Analysis. Features include Free

Alien Dreams Screensaver genexus patterns

Alien Dreams Screensaver 4.0

Numerous alien space ships, fly, swoop and do amazing maneuvers above an alien planet. Features: Over 30 different screens of animation, Each screens animation patterns of movement are totaly random, Order of screens is random, Numerous fully animated

Aspose.iCalendar genexus patterns

Aspose.iCalendar 1.1

  • Shareware
  • 199.00$
  • 05-Aug-2010
  • 745.0 KB

Aspose.iCalendar is a .NET class library providing classes and algorithms useful for time-oriented Recurrence Patterns, or schedules.The latest version created better Winforms and ASP.NET demos;ect.

AutoBookmark Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat genexus patterns

AutoBookmark Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat 1.1

AutoBookmarkÖ plug-in for Adobe« Acrobat« automatically generates multi-level bookmarks from text. Use [Select Text] tool from Acrobats toolbar to quickly define bookmark levels from the examples. Apply text patterns (regular expressions) to use only

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