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MB Free Graphology

MB Free Graphology 1.0

MB Free Graphology is a free graphology or handwriting analysis software. It is an advanced yet simple and handy program that helps you to understand the significance of your handwriting. handwriting.

MB Handwriting Analysis Compatibility handwriting handwriting

MB Handwriting Analysis Compatibility 1.0

MB Handwriting Analysis Compatibility gives you a complete analysis of the compatibility between your partner and you based on your handwritings.

Pencil Pete's Cursive Handwriting handwriting handwriting

Pencil Pete's Cursive Handwriting 2.0.0

Make teaching cursive writing easier and more fun for you, and easier and more fun for your children to learn!

MB Learn Graphology handwriting handwriting

MB Learn Graphology 1.20

MB Free Learn Graphology is an interesting software that helps one learn more about the study of handwriting.

Form Pilot for Mac handwriting handwriting

Form Pilot for Mac 3.2

  • Shareware
  • 29.99$
  • 20-Feb-2014
  • 16.6 MB

Form Pilot Home is a lite version of Form Pilot. For filling out one-page paper forms. Recommended for using at home. It is very useful for students. It also helps children who have handwriting problems and people with dysgraphia.

Chinese Symbols for Words Screensaver

Chinese Symbols for Words Screensaver 1.00

This screensaver includes 35 cool Chinese symbols with several calligraphic styles, together with inspiring background can also enjoy the beautiful chinese handwriting.

MemDB Quotation System handwriting handwriting

MemDB Quotation System 1.0

Traditionally, quotation is created by handwriting. Nowadays, many companies are using Excel or Word to create quotation. However, user needs to retype the items or copy and paste items from one quotation to another quotation. To increase the efficiency

PenReader (Desktop Edition)

PenReader (Desktop Edition) 2.02

  • Shareware
  • 29.95$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 1.0 KB

PenReader is plug-and-play handwriting recognition utility which doesn't require training for particular handwriting. PenReader supports 28 European languages and recognizes letters (uppercase and lowercase), punctuation marks, brackets, digits, addi...

FontCreator Home Edition handwriting handwriting

FontCreator Home Edition 5.5

  • Shareware
  • 79.00$
  • 06-Aug-2010
  • 6.6 MB

With FontCreator you can create and edit TrueType fonts. This font editor has the powerful font-creation tools that typographers and graphic designers require, and an intuitive interface that even allows beginners to become productive immediately.

ActivityMaker 2 handwriting handwriting

ActivityMaker 2 2.03

  • Shareware
  • 15.00$
  • 11-Feb-2009
  • 3.6 MB

Creates instant multiple-choice Spelling Quizzes, Flash Cards, Vocab Bingo cards, Concentration Games, Vocab Coloring Sheets, Bulletin Board Signs, Blackout Puzzles, Handwriting Practice Worksheets, CLOZE worksheets, Vocabulary Mazes, and more!

GenSaver handwriting handwriting

GenSaver 1.1

GenSaver allows your PC to collect messages for you whilst you are away from your desk. The type of messages you would normally find stuck to your monitor on small pieces of sticky paper - easily mislaid with unintelligible handwriting!

ritePen for Windows

ritePen for Windows 3.5.2020

ritePen(r) is an advanced handwriting recognition, desktop control and note-taking software software for pen-enabled Windows computers.

The Worksheet King (HW)

The Worksheet King (HW) 7.002

The Worksheet King is a replacement for photocopiable resources. Whether your children are tracing over their first letters, practising their joins, or learning to produce letters of the correct height, The Handwriting Worksheet King can help.

Handwritten Notes handwriting handwriting

Handwritten Notes 1.0

This is a software that can replace ordinary note book.

Pencil Pete's Learn to Print handwriting handwriting

Pencil Pete's Learn to Print 2.0.0

Help your child or students learn proper techniques when learning to print, the right way the first time.

Pleco Chinese Dictionary handwriting handwriting

Pleco Chinese Dictionary 2.4.14

LIMITED-TIME PROMO: Get a free copy of our Chinese handwriting recognizer add-on if you download now.

MyRealFont Lite handwriting handwriting

MyRealFont Lite 1.1.13

TURN YOUR HAND WRITING INTO A FONT *** Create your real handwriting font and start writing personal messages on your Android device****** Export your hand written font and use it on your PC or MAC****** Post on Google + , Facebook and Instagram and g

Handrite note Notepad Lite handwriting handwriting

Handrite note Notepad Lite 1.96

Handrite note is an intuitive handwriting note app that serves as your sticky note, to-do list, memo pad and journal - all at the touch of your finger.

Traditional Chinese Keyboard handwriting handwriting

Traditional Chinese Keyboard 1.3.5

Linpus Traditional Chinese Input Method (English & Zhuyin & Cangjie &Sucheng & Handwriting)Linpus keyboard (Input Method) is the most feature rich Traditional Chinese keyboard on the market.

LectureNotes (Trial Version) handwriting handwriting

LectureNotes (Trial Version) 2.3.7

LectureNotes is an Android app for note-taking by handwriting on the screen, in particular with a stylus.

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