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AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Lite internet cell lite

AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Lite 2.38

AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Lite is a tool designed to bring you better Internet surfing experience. It contains both a pop-up blocker and a privacy protector.

Simple Internet Meter Lite

Simple Internet Meter Lite 2.3.0

Lite application was developed to be a bandwidth monitor

Complete Internet Cleanup Lite

Complete Internet Cleanup Lite 3.0.1

Erase your Internet tracks by clearing the Cache, Cookies and History including index.dat files. Additionally delete the typed URLs, user names, passwords, etc.

Easy PC texting internet cell lite

Easy PC texting 2.1

  • Shareware
  • 39.99$
  • 12-Jul-2008
  • 11.5 MB

Easy PC texting is a new word in computer text messaging. It gives you the ability to chat over SMS, take quick SMS notes (shopping lists, directions), search the Internet, and more. All is done via Bluetooth connection with your cell phone.

PCMesh Internet Cleanup Lite

PCMesh Internet Cleanup Lite 3.1.0

PCMesh Internet Cleanup is a multiple award-winning utility to delete your Internet tracks. All your Internet traces are logged to index.dat files and deleting Cache, Cookies and History does not delete index.dat files.

ECS (Event Control System) internet cell lite

ECS (Event Control System) 2.3.14

  • Shareware
  • 90.00$
  • 05-Aug-2010
  • 12.0 MB

Born of our 15 years of experience in automation software development, ECS is an all-purpose automation program suitable for virtually any tasks (in residential, commercial, and industrial environments). Boasting an object-oriented design, ECS is elegantly

nanoViewer for Linux internet cell lite

nanoViewer for Linux 1.15

NanoViewer is a gds/oasis viewer developed by Wuxinanotech to view very large layout with high speed.

OHS Regulation Mobile App internet cell lite

OHS Regulation Mobile App 1.0

The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulation contains legal requirements that must be met by all workplaces under the inspection jurisdiction of WorkSafeBC.

Ostrich Runner internet cell lite

Ostrich Runner 1.9

Ostrich Runner is a race through eight different worlds with a lot of obstacles and lots of competition. Four secret hidden bonus levels and up to six power-ups per challenge should keep you happy and hook you too while you're trying to win a race.

PC To Cell Phone Bulk Messaging Tool internet cell lite

PC To Cell Phone Bulk Messaging Tool

PC to cell phone bulk messaging application is a reliable solution sends massive multilingual messages from PC to unlimited cell phones (CDMA/GSM) without internet connection in an efficient manner.

Internet Phone Number extractor internet cell lite

Internet Phone Number extractor 5.5.0

  • Shareware
  • 49.00$
  • 20-Feb-2016
  • 1.4 MB

Internet Phone Number Extractor is a unique software adept at extracting Phone/Mobile/Fax numbers from a list of websites through different search engines or directly. Users can Extract Phone, Fax or Cell numbers by using simple commands.

Connection Manager Lite internet cell lite

Connection Manager Lite 1.0

BVRP Connection Manager LITE automatically detects available networks and automates creation and management of connection settings. Allows seamless migration between multiple networks - either LAN or wireless - for mobile professionals.

diskMETA-Lite internet cell lite

diskMETA-Lite 1.0

diskMETA-Lite is a free (limited-featured) version of diskMETA hard disk search software. diskMETA-Lite Advantages:Internet search technology basedFast document retrievalUser-friendly interfaceFull text searchQuotation of text fragments with query words

Chronograph Lite internet cell lite

Chronograph Lite 3.1

Chronograph Lite is a simple freeware utility which main function is to synchronize your local PC time using the Internet. It will reference an atomic clock server to get the current time with the greatest accuracy available and update your PC's local

iRadio Lite internet cell lite

iRadio Lite 1.0

  • Shareware
  • 14.95$
  • 05-Aug-2010
  • 1.7 MB

iRadio Lite is a good way to capturing audio from radio stations over the Internet. Integrated easy search engine allows you to find favourite radio by genre or keyword, to choose bitrate and other characteristics.

MP3 CD Ripper Lite

MP3 CD Ripper Lite 3.3

  • Shareware
  • 14.95$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 1.1 MB

MP3 CD Ripper Lite makes digital copies from audio CDs directly and saves them as MP3 or WAV. It also has a CD Player atthe same time and can support multi-CDROM device. MP3CD Ripper Lite can download disc information from the CDDB (Internet Compact Disc

Mask Surf Lite internet cell lite

Mask Surf Lite 2.4

  • Shareware
  • 25.00$
  • 06-Aug-2010
  • 3.0 MB

Mask Surf Lite is an easy to use Internet activity anonymizing tool, which effectively protects your privacy by hiding or masking you identity while surfing the web. It also protects your privacy by allowing you to clean any browser traces on your PC

Internet Phone Number Finder internet cell lite

Internet Phone Number Finder 5.5.0

  • Shareware
  • 49.99$
  • 30-Apr-2013
  • 2.5 MB

The Internet Phone Number Finder is a very useful tool which is capable of extracting phone number, cell phone numbers and fax numbers from the internet.

BrowserCRM Lite

BrowserCRM Lite 3.02a

  • Shareware
  • 199.00$
  • 07-Feb-2006
  • 3.1 MB

BrowserCRM 'Lite' is a flexible and customizable web-based application for companies that require strong contact management functionality and internet-based businesses requiring a plug-in web site back-end.PHP and Web developers have the option of a source code version and Web Modular Application Toolkit, WebMAT(tm), for rapid custom development.BrowserCRM Lite users can upgrade to BrowserCRM Professional for a fully featured CRM application.

INF-Tool Lite

INF-Tool Lite 6.2c

Check out this alternative to huge and/or complicated, expensive installation programs! INF-Tool Lite is a setup program which creates today's SMALLEST setup packages possible for an unbeatable price: It's FREE. Great especially for Internet or commo...

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