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Luxand FaceSDK

Luxand FaceSDK 1.6

  • Shareware
  • 320.00$
  • 11-Feb-2009
  • 1.8 MB

Detect human faces and recognize facial features in your applications with Luxand FaceSDK.Digital camera manufacturers spend millions of dollars developing face recognition technologies for their digital cameras.

Luxand Echo FX luxand glammoritzer

Luxand Echo FX 1.2

Add an echo effect to your video in Adobe After Effects! Luxand Echo FX gives producers the ability to add advanced echo effects to a video. Available with multiple options, the plug-in can produce artistic clips and stylish animations.

Luxand FaceCrop Face Detection SDK luxand glammoritzer

Luxand FaceCrop Face Detection SDK 1.0

  • Shareware
  • 2950.00$
  • 06-Mar-2010
  • 13.2 MB

Face detection software from Luxand gives developers the solution they need to automate the process of capturing the image of a human face from original images, regardless of their quality and format.

Luxand Wave FX luxand glammoritzer

Luxand Wave FX 1.0

Shoot realistic underwater video clips with free wave plugin for Adobe After Effects!

Luxand Blink! luxand glammoritzer

Luxand Blink! 1.0_RC

Use your face as a password! Blink! lets you log into your PC by simply glancing at it. Employing advanced face recognition features resulting from years of research developing biometric technologies, Blink! makes little to no mistakes.

Luxand Glamourizer luxand glammoritzer

Luxand Glamourizer 1.01

  • Shareware
  • 29.95$
  • 05-Apr-2013
  • 7.5 MB

Glamour portraits from ordinary snapshots in just a few clicks

Blink! 1.0 RC luxand glammoritzer

Blink! 1.0 RC 1.0

  • Shareware
  • 29.95$
  • 20-Feb-2013
  • 8.7 MB

Logging into Windows has never been easier!

Luxand Echo FX Lite luxand glammoritzer

Luxand Echo FX Lite 1.0

Enhance your videos with an echo effect for free!

Luxand FaceSDK luxand glammoritzer

Luxand FaceSDK 6.5.1

  • Shareware
  • 300.00$
  • 30-Jun-2018
  • 436.0 MB

Real-time precision face recognition and identification SDK for C++, C#, Objective C, VB, Java and Delphi. FaceSDK enables developers to build web, Windows, Linux, MacOS X, iOS and Android applications with face recognition functionality.

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