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Nimbuzz Chat Roomsfor Computer

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Secure Message by Blaiz Enterprises

Secure Message by Blaiz Enterprises 1.00.293

Quick, strong encryption with private password for plain text. Secure your emails, chat messages, computer files, even greeting card messages (FastCards). Feel confident and content that your information stays that way - yours. Fully functional

Whatsapp v Viber Facebook Skyp nimbuzz chat roomsfor computer

Whatsapp v Viber Facebook Skyp 1.0.2

Comparison of Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, KakaoTalk, LINE, WeChat, ooVoo, Google Hangouts, Tango and Nimbuzz chat and messenger apps.

LANcet Chat nimbuzz chat roomsfor computer

LANcet Chat 2.3.301

LANcet Chat is free software for real-time message exchange over local network (LAN). With it you don't need to install any chat server.

Translator Fun Voices - MorphVOX Add-on nimbuzz chat roomsfor computer

Translator Fun Voices - MorphVOX Add-on 1.1

Translate your voice into computer beeps, touch-tone phones or let out random farts without eating beans. Be the first to annoy your IM buddies with this MorphVOX Voice Changer Software Add-on

NeoGuardian Business

NeoGuardian Business 0.8

  • Shareware
  • 129.95$
  • 02-Mar-2013
  • 2.4 MB

NeoGuardian is a sophisticated software system to effectively, efficiently and easily monitor computer use, to help keep children safe online.

2004 Backgammon

2004 Backgammon 4.0

This backgammon game has OpenGL-compatible 3D graphics. You can view the board from any angle. You can play against the computer, with your friends or over a network. It provides various game modes and a chat box for network games.

Chat Watch

Chat Watch 4.2.4

Chat Watch logs both sides of instant messages on AOL, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo. Chat Watch features parental controls, chat scheduling, a chat acronym translator, and more. Chat logs can be automatically e-mailed to you, copied to a network computer, or uploaded

IFY 99

IFY 99 0.4b

This chat program is designed for LANs, and may work on the internet. It's Windows - 32 bits programs (Win9x, WinNT4). It uses a server working on a computer (port 6000), and up to 250 clients can connect to it and sendinstant messages between users....

Easy PC texting nimbuzz chat roomsfor computer

Easy PC texting 2.1

  • Shareware
  • 39.99$
  • 12-Jul-2008
  • 11.5 MB

Easy PC texting is a new word in computer text messaging. It gives you the ability to chat over SMS, take quick SMS notes (shopping lists, directions), search the Internet, and more. All is done via Bluetooth connection with your cell phone.

Nimbuzz Tablet

Nimbuzz Tablet 2.2.2

Nimbuzz Tablet lets you call, chat, message, and send files on the go, for free.

Yahoo Chat Message Decoder nimbuzz chat roomsfor computer

Yahoo Chat Message Decoder

Yahoo messenger chat recovery software easily recovers all your chat messages like instant messages, conferences and mobile SMS messages, stored on your computer.

Nimbuzz Mobile

Nimbuzz Mobile 2.4

Nimbuzz Mobile lets you call, chat, message, and send files on the go, for free.

Absolut Chess nimbuzz chat roomsfor computer

Absolut Chess 1.4

  • Shareware
  • 7.50$
  • 05-Aug-2010
  • 2.3 MB

Absolut Chess (AC) is a funny and complete chess for all players. It allows battles in computers nets where your opponent plays remotely with you, or front-to-front battles, where the two players combat in a single computer.

Desktop Surveillance Personal

Desktop Surveillance Personal 3.6b

Desktop Surveillance Personal allows you to supervise web surfing, e-mail, chat rooms and monitors other activities taking place on your computer in your absence. The application runs as an invisible agent, which unobtrusively captures keystrokes and...


DynDns 2.1.0

If you get a dynamic IP address from your ISP, DynamoDNS can use the Dynamic DNS service fromMonolith to give your computer a name that never changes when you reconnect to the Internet! Perfect for Web/FTP Servers, Voice Chat, and more.

Chat Anywhere

Chat Anywhere 2.72a

  • Shareware
  • 119.00$
  • 06-Aug-2010
  • 1.7 MB

This is a pure web-based chat server for chatting in browser.

MSN Chat Monitor nimbuzz chat roomsfor computer

MSN Chat Monitor 2.8.526

  • Shareware
  • 59.95$
  • 05-Aug-2010
  • 1.3 MB

MSN Chat Monitor is a network visibility tool to capture conversations of a MSN chat in your local network. It consists of a well-integrated set of functions that can be used to records MSN conversations automatically when your PC starts.

PAL Computer Surveillance System 2004

PAL Computer Surveillance System 2004 1.01

  • Shareware
  • 29.95$
  • 06-Aug-2010
  • 1.7 MB

PAL Computer Surveillance System is the first product of its kind available that allows parents and businesses to engage in on-line surveillance that incorporates a computer monitoring system with the latest web filtering technologies. PAL will automatically


[ClosedTalk] 1.0

Secure VoIP for private internet talk by encrypting voice communications on computer network. It securely transports voice data through strong encryption technology, advanced key exchange process, and user authentication using digital certificates

System Gate nimbuzz chat roomsfor computer

System Gate 5.2.0

  • Shareware
  • 19.99$
  • 08-Feb-2012
  • 2.3 MB

Blocks programs you don't want to run on your or your child's computer (block games, block chat messengers, internet, or any other unwanted program installed on a PC). Unlike Task Manager, shows additional information about running programs.

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