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Music Masterworks piano composing

Music Masterworks 4.29

  • Shareware
  • 34.95$
  • 15-Jul-2017
  • 3.9 MB

Make your own music with our award-winning voice-to-note music composition software. With Music Masterworks you can compose by just singing into your microphone. Edit the song using piano roll or staff notation with a simple mouse/touch interface.

Free Software Piano

Free Software Piano 1.0

Free software piano emulator is multiinstrument synthesizer for realtime playing on your keyboard. You may switch between 128 instruments. Piano emulator uses your MIDI driver to play sounds.

KB Piano piano composing

KB Piano 2.5.2

KBPiano will turn your computer into a piano. Easily create song with multiple instruments (guitar, bass, drums, etc), even if you don't know music theory.

Piano Sight Read piano composing

Piano Sight Read 1.6

  • Shareware
  • 12.00$
  • 06-Aug-2010
  • 67.0 KB

Piano Sight Read helps you practice sight reading your piano notes on your Palm. It displays a piano keyboard and a staff with notes on it, challenging you to tap on the correct keys.

The Palette - Melody Composing Tool piano composing

The Palette - Melody Composing Tool 4.4.3

  • Shareware
  • 35.00$
  • 06-Aug-2010
  • 1.9 MB

The Palette - Melody Composing Tool is software that helps when composing melodies. The program uses the theory of composition and the theory of harmony.

ABC Baby Piano piano composing

ABC Baby Piano 1.17

  • Shareware
  • 19.95$
  • 06-Aug-2010
  • 9.1 MB

This program let you way to entertain your kids by using your computer keyboard. This software gives you: simple keyboard locking for kids, simple 21-instruments piano, absolutely calm about your opened documents. ABC feature is very useful too.

Musical Palette - Melody Composing Tool piano composing

Musical Palette - Melody Composing Tool 3.0

Musical Palette program is a tool for the creation of melodies. The program is based on composition theory and the theory of harmony. The strong theoretical base makes the melody composing process easier.

Piano Chords piano composing

Piano Chords 1.0.2

You wonder how to play a particular chord on the piano or how a particular scale looks like? With the program Piano Chords you can see many different chords and scales on a virtual piano keyboard. Thereby any key tone can be chosen, of course.

Little Piano piano composing

Little Piano 1.2

Convert your PC into a Piano. With Little Piano you'll be making music in no time. Using its simple interface, you'll be able to record songs, use multiple instruments, and share your songs.

PC 73 Virtual Piano Keyboard piano composing

PC 73 Virtual Piano Keyboard 1.0

On-screen piano, synthesizer and MIDI controller for your Windows PC.

Dirk's Piano Tuner piano composing

Dirk's Piano Tuner 4.0

  • Shareware
  • 325.00$
  • 01-Nov-2012
  • 440.0 KB

Tune your own piano professionally with ease.

YGS Virtual Piano piano composing

YGS Virtual Piano 2010.05.07

"YGS Virtual piano" is virtual midi keyboard and useful to the musicians

A73 Piano Station piano composing

A73 Piano Station 1.3

Turn your PC into an easy to play virtual piano, synthesizer, or even a band.

Absolute Bosendorfer Piano piano composing

Absolute Bosendorfer Piano 4.0

Bosendorfer Virtual Piano Emulation in Standalone and as VST, wav recorder.

Absolute Erard Virtual Piano piano composing

Absolute Erard Virtual Piano 4.3

Erard Upright Virtual Piano Emulation in Standalone and as VST, wav recorder.

Piano Time piano composing

Piano Time 5

Piano Time is a multitouch piano comprised of 36 visible keys and 4 selectable octaves.

Everyone Piano piano composing

Everyone Piano

Everyone Piano is a computer keyboard simulating piano software, it can use the general computer keyboard to play the world famous piano music.

Absolute Antique Berchstein Piano piano composing

Absolute Antique Berchstein Piano 4.21

Berchstein Antique grand This Antique, Bechstein Model V Grand Piano is dated 1900.

Absolute Bosendorfer 225 Piano piano composing

Absolute Bosendorfer 225 Piano 4.2

The key features of the Absolute piano Bosendorfer 255 : - Optimization : even if the Absolute Piano is small, if you compare to its competitors, it is based on a very optimized high quality sound bank and it sounds fantastic.

Mini Piano And Drum piano composing

Mini Piano And Drum 1.0.0

This is a simple mini piano and drum software with 128 instrument, can record midi music channel and can save the file into wave file, complete with keyboard control and joystic for drum (optional)Requirements: Computer That Running Win OS with 1mb f

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