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Address Book Index Templates

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XemiCo Address Book address book index templates

XemiCo Address Book 1.0

Simple address book for everyday use. Free.

Alarm Me address book index templates

Alarm Me 2..5

Powerful reminder tool,calendar,address book,timer,with shut down feature.

Black Box Mail

Black Box Mail 2

Internet email client that can send email anonymouslyand can also send anonymously to news groups.Includes the loading and saving of profile 'IDs'.Attachments are supported. Includes a simple address book.

McAfee VBS / Loveletter Virus Patch

McAfee VBS / Loveletter Virus Patch 5-5-00

This patch will protect your computer from the 'I Love You' virus. This virus is a VBS worm that mails itself to everyone in your address book. The infected email subject line is 'I Love You,' and the attachment is 'loveletterforyou.txt.vbs.' This vi...

Calnique Custom Calendar

Calnique Custom Calendar 3.0

Free All-In-One Custom Calendar and Organizer with a simple, theme based interface. Features include Drag-n-Drop, Email Reminders, PassMaster, Expense Tracker, Mileage Calculator, Alarm Clock, Print Interface, Address Book, Journals…Plus More!

 Free Outlook Express Extractor

Free Outlook Express Extractor 1.0

Extract outlook express emails, attachments , window address book.
Export outlook express emails to eml.
Export outlook express window address book email to text file.
Export outlook express email to text file.
Export outlook express emails to em

Yahoo! Desktop Search address book index templates

Yahoo! Desktop Search 1.1.1852hb

Immediately locate any email or attachment from Outlook or Outlook Express and Thunderbird. Quickly retrieve any file on your computer, regardless of where it is located. Search through your Yahoo! Messenger archives and Yahoo! Address Book contacts.


Contacts4lifeSync 1.0

Contacts4lifeSync is a brand new product from Contacts4life. It integrates seamlessly with Outlook or Oultlook Express allowing you to actively update your contacts, and synchronize up-to-date data with your own free online address book. Downloading is

Desk Buddy Lite address book index templates

Desk Buddy Lite 1.1a

Desk Buddy Lite - Your DeskTop Companion.

Eliminate SPAM

Eliminate SPAM 2.6

Flooded by spam? Save yourself from unwanted junk messages by installing Eliminate SPAM - the most powerful spam protector available today. Eliminate SPAM uses sophisticated customizable filters and spam databases.

Eliminate Spam Pro

Eliminate Spam Pro 2.51

Flooded by spam? Save yourself from unwanted junk messages by installing Eliminate Spam Pro - the most powerful spam protector available today. Eliminate Spam Pro uses sophisticated customizable filters and spam databases.


EMA 5.0

EMA is an easy to use Event Manager that helps you remember everyday events, both recurrent and non-recurrent events, and it stores information about past experience.


EssentialPIM 1.8

This free personal information manager can store and manage schedules, to dos, notes, and contacts. It offers 128-bit encryption, MS Outlook import/export, Windows address book import/export, search capabilities, and versatile print-out capabilities.

Express Notes address book index templates

Express Notes 1.02

Express Notes lets you store and organize notes on your computer. Typically this software is used as a phone or address book, diary or card file but it can be used for just about anything. Some examples include todo lists, recipes, customer records and

Chaos Manager

Chaos Manager 2.18

Organize your chaos. Chaos Manager is a freeware organizer with a simple and easy look and feel. Features appointments, contacts, calendar, multi-topic notebook, sync via internet, email forwarding of appointments, print/import/export, skinable.

MagicDial address book index templates

MagicDial 1.1

MagicDial is a program which helps you to contact somebody by a telephone line through a modem. The program has a pleasant skin graphic interface, and a convenient simple address book. It makes MagicDial simple and convenient to use.


MOZAT M2U 4.01

MOZAT M2U provides a One-Stop SMS/MMS solution. It combines MMS composer, bulk-sending, gateway, and tracking functions. Simply connecting your mobile phone or GPRS/GSM modem to your PC, MOZAT M2U enables you to send bulk MMS/SMS from PC to phone.

MOZAT M2U Trial Version

MOZAT M2U Trial Version 4.01

MOZAT M2U is the first SMS/MMS Composer and Gateway Bundle Program in the World! You'll have no more problems creating mobile marketing campaigns right from your desktop. It has everything you need to reach your target audience through mobile phone.

MyLife Handy Utilities Freeware

MyLife Handy Utilities Freeware 5.85

  • Freeware
  • 08-May-2009
  • 0

A set of free Handy Apps and Utility programs. Contains assorted programs for picture browsing, picture draw, picture merging, Address book, weekly time table,Date difference calculator, Financial record, address label printer, Executive desktop, Unit

The Vulcan Portal address book index templates

The Vulcan Portal 2.04

The Vulcan Portal is a windows« application that allows you to send/receive 3dVoiceMail to other users, a bit like email, but instead everyone appears as a real-time 3 dimensional head who synthetically talks with perfect lip synch.

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