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DCEnhancer 1.2

Digital Camera Enhancer does the hard job of noise reducing and automatic balance control for you. And it is free!The program works best if you have bad light condition (indoor, shadows etc..) and your image is somehow off. One thing makes DCEnhancer...

Picture Cube 3D digital camera e seris

Picture Cube 3D 1.1

Show off your favorite photographs on a spinning 3D picture cube. You can even add music to play along while showing your photos. Use your digital camera images to create a custom photo album. There are many user options available including a spin

xatshow digital camera e seris

xatshow 2.03

Convert your digital camera images to a compressed and re-formatted slide show, ready to put back into the camera to give your friends and family a slide show of your photos on your TV.

Batch AutoCorrector digital camera e seris

Batch AutoCorrector 0.8

Enhance all your digital images at once! This program can correct contrast and restore natural colors of multiple images automatically. Now it is very easy to correct shots taken in poor lighting, at sunset etc. New free tool from VicMan Software!

Photo Resize Magic digital camera e seris

Photo Resize Magic 1.1

Photo Resize Magic is a free and easy-to-use tool for digital camera owners. Resize and convert a lot of your digital photos at once. Add some visual effects to your photos too! You can use "Single Photo" and "Multiple Photos" modes.

Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery

Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery 1.0

Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery is an easy to use specialized data recovery tool. It is designed specifically to work with pictures taken by digital camera. Its wizard-style interface is quite simple and it does not require any knowledge of deep

Scrapbook Flair Software digital camera e seris

Scrapbook Flair Software 2.0

Free full functioning digital scrapbook software with free templates, backgrounds, and embellishments. Helps you design, print and share your scrapbooks with friends and family. Full Photo editing capabilities. Free community site. Multilingual.

Video2Photo digital camera e seris

Video2Photo 1.0

  • Freeware
  • 06-Aug-2010
  • 0

Video2Photo is a simple, but powerful, software frame grabber which can capture individual frames from a video source.With Video2Photo you can easily capture frames from your DV Camcorder/Digital Camera/Internet Camera or from a Windows AVI, QuickTime


ActivAlbum 1.0

ActivAlbum is available in two language solutions; English and Italian. Organise all your images and video files into categories of your choice and then flip through the thumbnails, give your images titles and descriptions.

Digi-Info digital camera e seris

Digi-Info 1.0

There''s quite a bit of hidden information in pictures taken with your Digital Camera and Digi-Info will extract that info so you can view and save it. Types of information include Camera make and model, Orientation, Resolution, Exposure Time, Date,

i-Fun Viewer digital camera e seris

i-Fun Viewer 8.0

i-Fu. Other features include: Ability to assign text descriptions to images, Twain Scanner and digital camera support

Scotts Windows Startup Program Manager digital camera e seris

Scotts Windows Startup Program Manager 1.1

This free utility manages windows startup programs for you (you know, those annoying little things that start up automatically every time you boot). Easy to use GUI interface lets you add, remove, and edit startup entries. Freeware.

Seeing with Sound - The vOICe LE digital camera e seris

Seeing with Sound - The vOICe LE 1.45b

Translates images into sounds, targetting vision substitution for the blind.


Sorted! 1.0.9

Sorted is a file utility which sorts selected files into folders of predefined size.


VirtualTour 4.0

Ever want to show your place to the world? This is a fun and easy way to make a tour. Just take some pictures around your house with your digital camera. Stand in your front hall, take a picture, turn 90 degrees, take another picture, turn 90 degrees, take a third picture, and so on-- all through your house. Upload them to your web server, and your tour is almost ready.

StudioLine Basic digital camera e seris

StudioLine Basic 2.8.1

StudioLine is the premier archival and management solution for digital imaging, for free.

StudioLine Photo 2 Basic digital camera e seris

StudioLine Photo 2 Basic 2.1

StudioLine Photo 2 is your all-in-one solution for image importing, editing, archiving, and sharing.

Photo Resizer digital camera e seris

Photo Resizer 1.06

A FREE utility to resize a photo. No need to open a photo editor or email-client. Open the photo in PhotoResizer, resize it and e-mail it to a friend, colleague or your office.Or resize the photo quickly for publishing on a web site

Mihov Image Resizer digital camera e seris

Mihov Image Resizer 0.9

This freeware program helps you resize your favorite images to bigger or smaller size (blow or shrink). It allows you to convert and save the pictures to and from jpg, gif and bmp graphic formats in batch mode! You can also rotate images to left or right

Photo Sender digital camera e seris

Photo Sender 3.3

Likeoffice The M2M application is capable of sending Many files to Many individuals. It has a database and a very friendly user interface that allows you to mark any song, photo or other large file and send it to any recipient.

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